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Innovating a unified enterprise drone solution - Ericsson

Innovating a unified enterprise drone solution - Ericsson

In one sentence, what is this new solution?

It is a drone application platform designed for cross-industry use cases and applications.

What challenges are you trying to solve with this platform?

More enterprises are realizing the potential of drones. By reaching remote areas across land, sea and air where access to certain data and information is crucial, they can solve various business problems and increase efficiency in the process. Scenarios could include warehouse inspections, surveillance, container monitoring at ports, identifying hazards such as forest fires, or monitoring mining operations.

However, what we found was that the drone application market is completely siloed, and most vendors only provide single use case solutions, i.e., drones that are sent into mines cannot also be used to surveil other areas of the site for different tasks. This tailormade approach leads to high costs, disjointed solutions, duplicate integration efforts and redundant drones. In addition, it can take up to six months of software development for each application.

Innovating a unified enterprise drone solution - Ericsson

How does this solution solve this challenge?

This project provides an enterprise-grade secure drone application platform that provides pre-packaged drone applications and the ability to quickly create new applications, enabling a seamless experience to setup, activate and operate drones.

It gives enterprises a single platform that allows them to customize and build new use cases in weeks rather than months, reducing overall solution and integration costs in the process.