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Extensive Lithium Exploration Programs at Blackwood and the Pilbara, Western Australia

Extensive Lithium Exploration Programs at Blackwood and the Pilbara, Western Australia


SYDNEY, Australia, Jan.05, 2022(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lithium Power International Limited (ASX: LPI) (“LPI” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on activities being undertaken in Western Australia (Figure 1). A particular focus is immediately adjacent to the Greenbushes lithium mine, which is owned by Talison Lithium and has Albemarle Corp, Tianqi Lithium and IGO Limited as its owners.

Figure 1: Location of LPI’s properties in the Pilbara and SW regions of Western Australia; work recently completed at Greenbushes Project and at Pilgangoora:https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/aa047ca4-7dfe-4c03-ad05-cc976c12db64

Blackwood Prospect – Greenbushes

The geophysical program at the Blackwood Prospect, within E70/4774, has been successfully completed with a total of 468km of aeromagnetic data acquired by AirGeoX. The data is currently being processed to enable an advanced interpretation of the area, providing the highest detail possible of the structural architecture of the Donnybrook Shear Zone (DSZ). This will improve the understanding of where pegmatites are most likely to be located and focus the planning of soil sampling and subsequent RC drilling.

The DSZ is the major structure (Figure 2) that hosts the Greenbushes pegmatite mined by Talison. Along with its subsidiary faults, this zone does not have a strong surface expression because it is predominantly obscured by soil and/or laterite. It has been identified in the Blackwood Prospect by LPI through sampling and detailed investigation of the Geological Survey of WA’s geophysical data.

The drone flew east-west lines over the area of the Blackwood Prospect (see figure 2) taking readings of the earth’s magnetic field. A total of 422km flight line and traverse line total kilometres were flown along 154 NS lines on 40m spacing. A further 46km of EW tie lines on 400m spacing.

Extensive Lithium Exploration Programs at Blackwood and the Pilbara, Western Australia

The results of this work are being used to target areas for soil sampling (see below) and for Ground Penetrating Radar (DGPR) over identified NW faults, along which pegmatites may have intruded.

An orientation soil sampling program on 300m x 300m spacing has commenced at a newly defined target at the southern end of the Blackwood Prospect. Sampling is being conducted by conventional hand digging of pits and the use of a hand auger, to attempt to reach the top of the bedrock sequence. The results will be compared before completing further sampling on the Blackwood Prospect. The soil sampling is targeting interpreted NE trending dilutional jogs along the NW orientated structures. Already small outcrops of pegmatites have been identified within the dilutional jogs. Once the results of the orientation sampling have been returned, an infill program will commence.

Figure 2: Drone survey completed at the Blackwood Prospect which lies on the Donnybrook Shear Zone that hosts the Greenbushes Mine, shown over the regional RTP 1VD Collie & Pemberton Magnetic Images. Soil Sampling commenced over EW dilutional zones along NW trending structures off the DZS:https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/fe301b00-8afb-4ef3-bea0-3179dc597e05

East Kirup Prospect - Greenbushes

Two surveys have been completed to provide detailed baseline environmental information and to guide the development of a conservation management plan. These surveys are to be run over two seasons. A second field component will be completed in March 2022.

Drilling was scheduled to commence in mid-December 2021 but was delayed due to the drilling contractor capacity limitations. The drill pads have been prepared with work to commence in mid-January to test the combined arsenic, lithium, beryllium, tantalum and tin anomaly previously defined by both MIM sampling and the regional laterite sampling program.

Pilgangoora Prospect - Soil Sampling

The soil sampling program at Pilgangoora has been completed. A total of 544 samples were collected, including 10 per cent duplicates. The sampling (figure 3) was aimed at closing off previously defined lithium anomalies associated with the identified greenstone belts, and also at investigating the potential of gold within a young intrusive granite and its contact aureole.

This intrusive body is considered to have similarities to the Intrusive bodies where De Grey Mining has successfully defined a significant gold resource at their Mallina Project, which includes the 6+ million-ounce Hemi deposit. The samples have been dispatched for analysis, with an expected six-week turnaround time.

Lithium Power International’s Chief Executive Officer, Cristobal Garcia-Huidobro, commented:

“Activities on all projects and prospects are advancing well, and we aim to make drilling results known once they come to hand.”

Figure 3: Soil Sampling conducted in 2021 over the Pilgangoora Project; samples currently at the laboratory being analysed:https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/769e3d8b-de80-4221-8a8e-38ace7218a85

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