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A Drone Battery That Charges in 5 Minutes - DRONELIFE

A Drone Battery That Charges in 5 Minutes - DRONELIFE

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot comments: “The launch of a UFC solution for drones changes the game. By reducing battery charging time to just 5 minutes – which is up to 18 times faster than existing drone batteries – and eliminating the need for human intervention, drone operators have far greater freedom about where they can site charging stations. As a result, continuous, fully-autonomous drone operation is finally being made a reality.

“Drones will now be able to spend much more of their valuable flight time engaged in actual missions, greatly extending their range, rather than having to return to base to have their battery swapped out. At the same time, UFC will also enable drone users to expand their operations into regions they could not previously access. Both of these factors will significantly increase operational efficiencies and profitability, making the business case for drone use much more attractive than ever before,” he adds.

StoreDot says that their FlashBattery technology “drastically reduces drone charging times with very little tradeoff in terms of energy density, meaning that flight time is only slightly reduced.”Perhaps most importantly, the ultra fast charging system is offered at a competitive price point. ” Sample cells are now available to drone manufacturers for testing, with full commercialization expected end of this year,” says the company.

A Drone Battery That Charges in 5 Minutes - DRONELIFE

“In applications where cutting response times is critical, and where organizations must also demonstrate a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, the use of drones can play a crucial role in helping to establish a competitive advantage,” Dr. Myersdorf explains. “However, commercial drone ventures haven’t really taken off up until now as they haven’t yet delivered an economical business model. For these types of companies, UFC technology can hugely improve and extend their existing operations and make them much more profitable. We believe this technology can also open the door for new players to enter this space and extend their service offering, making drones a more attractive proposition as a new revenue stream.”