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Your key to European statistics

Your key to European statistics

Today, the European Commission has adopted the most encompassing amendment of the energy statistics regulation ever conducted. The aim is to support even further the European Green Deal. This amendment, which will enter into force in February, will provide statistics to monitor a number of policy initiatives to decarbonise the European economy, including the Energy Union and the Fit for 55 package, as well as the Hydrogen Strategy and the Initiative on Batteries. The new statistics will be first available for the year 2022.

Welcoming the adoption today, Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, said: “Today’s amendment to the energy statistics regulation marks a milestone on the path to a credible and evidence-based transition towards a climate-neutral economy. With this legal act, we set the pace for energy statistics worldwide, stay ahead of policy developments and already incorporate data needs from the Fit for 55 package and other important policy initiatives, in line with the Commission’s priorities.”

With this amendment, Eurostat will publish new and more detailed high-quality data on:

Your key to European statistics

  • The energy consumption in data centres, which is increasing sharply and is essential to monitor in order to understand the environmental impact of the digital economy. Data centres are one of the core pieces of the digital strategy of Europe, as they deliver the basic infrastructure needed to support the digital transition.
  • Specific final energy consumption in agriculture and in forestry, essential to further support monitoring the Common Agriculture Policy.
  • Specific data on grid losses during transmission and distribution of gas and electricity, a first step to improving grid efficiency, in line with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EU) 2018/2002.
  • Annual data will become available one month earlier (in October of the following year, instead of November), further supporting the reporting process for the State of the Energy Union.
  • Estimated energy balances will be published 6 months after the year-end based on official data from Member States, to support the analysis of the first trends of the EU energy market.
  • After intensive negotiations with Member States to ensure that data needs arising from the Fit for 55 package and other policy initiatives in the energy area were swiftly incorporated, the proposal was endorsed by the European Statistical System Committee with a great majority of Member States in favour (representing 95.52% of the EU population). In accordance with the regulatory procedure with scrutiny followed for this amendment, it was submitted for a 3-month scrutiny to the European Parliament and the Council. Both co-legislators approved without comments, paving the way for today’s Commission adoption.

    Next stepsFollowing today’s formal adoption of the Regulation by the European Commission, it will be published in the Official Journal on 31 January. The Regulation will apply upon entry into force, 20 days after its publication. The first reference year for this data is 2022. This means that EU Member States are already starting to collect the data in line with this amendment.

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