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screenrant.com The Hulk Is Smashing The Marvel Universe In The Bloodiest Way Ever

screenrant.com The Hulk Is Smashing The Marvel Universe In The Bloodiest Way Ever

Warning! Spoilers for Hulk #2 by Marvel Comics

The Hulk is smashing Marvel's alternate timeline in an extremely violent fashion, as he's murdering those who stand in his way. In a brand new preview for Hulk #2 by Marvel Comics, Bruce Banner is asleep at the wheel of the Jade Giant as they enter a forbidden alternate dimensional space. However, instead of listening to those trying to stop the mighty Avenger, the Hulk blasts them all to pieces.

Bruce Banner has successfully split the Hulk into three different parts in the character's new ongoing series, as he controls the green monster like a starship. Meanwhile, the Hulk has been enhanced with advanced tech as Bruce found a way to embed it into his alter-ego's body. With his considerable upgrades and Banner in control more than ever, the Hulk defeated Tony Stark and his Hulkbuster armor and entered a pocket dimension, telling his fellow Avenger that the world won't know how to deal with what he's going to become. Now, readers are about to find out where the Hulk is going and who he's about to face off against.


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screenrant.com The Hulk Is Smashing The Marvel Universe In The Bloodiest Way Ever

In a brand new preview of Hulk #2 (H/T CBR) by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin, and VC's Cory Petit, the Hulk's adventures through a pocket dimension are revealed. Surprisingly, he's stopped by the Alternate Universe Timeline Hazard Operations Response & Intervention Team, who tell him he's entered a space not meant for mortals. After ordering the Hulk to turn his vessel around, the group is brutally murdered by the Hulk as Bruce Banner is asleep at the wheel.

Banner soon awakens after an alert goes off, warning him about being targeted by something trying to pull the Hulk into a dimensional fissure. Banner is warned the energy is straining the limitations of the Hulk's form and could return him to his human form - which could be potentially deadly. Banner kicks the Hulk into hyperdrive, pushing a lever giving the Hulk even more power.

Banner's attempt to protect the Earth from the Hulk has led him down an increasingly violent road. Taking down the alternate dimension team without even realizing it in such horrifyingly bloody fashion shows just how powerful this new iteration of the Hulk truly is. Even with Banner asleep at the wheel and the Hulk seemingly on autopilot, the protectors of the forbidden zone stood no chance. However, there seem to be even more frightening forces at play trying to separate Banner from the Hulk. Readers can see the new Hulk in action when Hulk #2 comes to comic book stores on Tuesday.

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Source: CBR

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