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Marvel’s Captain America NFTs to hit the stands after Spiderman’s success

Marvel’s Captain America NFTs to hit the stands after Spiderman’s success
Marvel entered the blockchain world with five different Spider-Man collectables floated as a non-fungible token (NFT) last week. And now, the iconic American film and television studio subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios intends to take it up to the next level with the launch of new collectables from other franchises such as Captain Marvel and Sam Wilson.The launch of the Captain America series is a complementary succession to the Spider Man NFT collection launched earlier. According to the studio, these collectables are a broader part of the initiative to celebrate 'Marvel Month' on the VeVe App, the digital partner.All the Marvel digital collectables will be floated on the blockchain and be available for users to buy and sell to others on VeVe's secondary marketplace with the in-app token Gems ($GEM).The Captain American lineup includes star Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, John F. Walker, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and the Red Skull.Advertisement
Marvel Mightys, Season 1 of the Captain America series will feature the following NFTs:
Steve Rogers$1328,888Common
Sam Wilson$1328,888Common
John F. Walker$1318,888Uncommon
Bucky Barnes$1311,888Rare
Red Skull$134,888Ultra-Rare
Source: Marvel

Red Skull will be the rarest of them all

Since the collectables are in extremely limited supply, they inherit value automatically, and with age, it's bound to keep increasing — embodying the underlying function of NFTs. Red Skull shall be most rare, followed by Bucky Barnes."We hope to expand the limits of what Marvel fandom can be, starting with personal and interactive digital collectables that, through NFTs, fans can truly collect, share, and enjoy in a way that they have not been able to do before," said Marvel's VP of business development and strategy, Daniel Fink.Acquiring an NFT from the VeVe marketplace is significantly easy. All you need is a credit card to purchase the virtual tokens of the app. The platform also hosts other digital collectables from DC Comics, Star Trek, and other franchises. Marvel will sell NFT digital collectables, 3D statues, and digital comic books through Veve's "mixed reality" app as part of the partnership.Marvel’s Spiderman NFTs were sold out within 24 hours of launch and consisted of 60,500 digital statues. Reaffirming how in-demand the NFT segment currently is.Advertisement

NFTs are transforming how art and creators can make money

NFTs are redefining how art is traded, and it has opened up a whole new monetisation for artists and creators. While Marvel didn't immediately participate in the NFT craze that took place in the first half of 2021, it is now looking to capitalise on the technology.In addition, a host of major brands have entered the market with a diverse array of companies, including the NBA, Breitling watches, LVMH, Nike, Formula One, and Real Madrid, among the big names launching NFT projects. The market for NFTs surged to new highs in the second quarter, with $2.5 billion in sales so far this year.Buyers have mostly totalled 10,000 to 20,000 per week since March, outnumbering sellers, according to, which aggregates NFT transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. In March, a digital image sold for a record $69.3 million at Christie's as an NFT, a record that still stands strong.AdvertisementSEE ALSO:Cricket is jumping on the NFT bandwagon — here’s how fans can splurge on digital collectibles in the sporting worldBitcoin has surged more than 35% in the last month and the race to $50,000 is being fueled by institutional interestIndia among top five countries where people own cryptocurrencies{{}} NewsletterSIMPLY PUT - where we join the dots to inform and inspire you. Sign up for a weekly brief collating many news items into one untangled thought delivered straight to your mailbox.CAPTCHA:
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Marvel’s Captain America NFTs to hit the stands after Spiderman’s success