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Father Follows Through on Huge Promise to Son After Eighteen Years in Jail

Father Follows Through on Huge Promise to Son After Eighteen Years in Jail

After a father spent the majority of his son's life incarcerated, he came out with a big promise to buy the 18-year-old his first car. With the support of his twin brother, his child's mother, and the rest of their family, this father was able to come through after missing out on so much.

"My oldest son's dad has been locked up since he was six months old - my son is now 18".

That is how one mother began her Twitter thread regarding the father of her son purchasing the young man's first car for him. You see, Twitter user 'KalitafromMemphis' was very candid with her family's situation and her transparency has struck a chord with many on social media.

See how @Kalita901 began the story with her below post.

As the mother describes in her Twitter post, her son's father had been incarcerated for the past eighteen years of the child's life. But, after getting out of prison - this father made a promise.

See more from @Kalita901 here.

Father Follows Through on Huge Promise to Son After Eighteen Years in Jail

This mother gave her son's father the opportunity he asked for. She praised his hard work since getting out of prison, which included him working multiple jobs to pay off everything necessary to get back on his feet.

The father apparently made quite the drive in order to deliver on the promise he made to his son.

Then, the magical moment finally happened. Check it out for yourself below.

The father of the child, along the father's twin-brother and the child's uncle, arrived with the car on a trailer. The smile on the 18-year-old's face was enough to show how grateful he was that his father came through on this epic promise. The mother clarified on Twitter that her son's uncle had been there for him while his dad way incarcerated.

The amazing moment is resonating with many on social media, as those on Twitter recognize how powerful this story was. For the father to come out of being incarcerated, to getting back on his feet, to making and keeping a promise to his son all-while the child's mother was there to support - it really is a heart-warming moment.

Of course, some did find a reason to argue over the sentimental story. See more reactions to the story from Twitter below.

Nevertheless, most online were able to see the good that came out of this child's mother telling a really touching story.

So, congratulations to this young man on his first car. Congratulations to the father who was able to overcome his own adversity and step-up when he was able to. Congratulations to this mother who allowed her child's father to be a part of his life. A really great moment all around!

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