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Antonio Brown just shaded the hell out of the Steelers

Antonio Brown just shaded the hell out of the Steelers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Antonio Brown took a shot at the Steelers after beating the Patriots, even if it wasn’t fully intentional.

Sometimes, we just say the wrong thing. It’s a classic case of going on autopilot, which Brown seems to do often at press conferences after a long, grinding football game.

AB’s falling out in Pittsburgh has been well-publicized. He forced his way out, blaming Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers organization in the process. Then, he did the same thing in Oakland, only to sign with the Patriots and play *checks the stats* one game in New England.

Yet, Brown loved his time with the Patriots so much he opted to shout them out postgame.

Antonio Brown just shaded the hell out of the Steelers

Antonio Brown, who played one game with the Patriots, just said playing here for New England was the greatest experience of his life.

— Greg Auman (@gregauman) October 4, 2021

Steelers: Did Antonio Brown mean to take a shot at Pittsburgh?

Probably not, honestly. As much as Brown loves throwing shade, his days in Pittsburgh are long gone, and he’s since formed a bond with Tom Brady that’s taken him from New England to Tampa Bay.

AB fills in quite nicely as the slot receiver in between Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, giving Brady one of the best receiving trios in all of football. Given the defensive backs he’s often matched up against, it’s a frequent advantage for Brady and the offense, which TB12 takes advantage of.

I would know, he’s on my fantasy team.

Brown was in New England for a couple weeks, at most. In comparison, the Steelers drafted and developed him into the Pro Bowl-caliber wideout he is today. Surely, AB will someday acknowledge the role the Steelers had on his career. It wasn’t all bad.

For now, however, there’s still bad blood on both sides.

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