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ItsLitho offers Christmas-themed 3D printable lithophane shapes

ItsLitho offers Christmas-themed 3D printable lithophane shapes

Itslitho is introducing new Christmas-themed lithophane shapes for free. That’s great news for lithophane makers. During these festive days, lithophanes are very popular. The reason why is because they require light to reveal their personalized images.

The founders of ItsLitho wanted to make 3D printed lithophanes more accessible to everyone. They developed a lithophane maker application that was easy, fast and customizable for all users. Lithophanes are 3D printable, 3D images that manifest when placed in front of a light. They are becoming quite common among 3D printing hobbyists.

During these dark days & festive days, it’s, therefore, a great match to light up a lithophane. Besides that, they make a great gift for friends & family, because you can personalize your own images in the lithophanes.

ItsLitho offers Christmas-themed 3D printable lithophane shapes

Itslitho is a software to create 3D model lithophanes in a simple manner. With over 50 features, an interface with a live preview of the 3D model end result, and a built-in image editor, ItsLitho is the most complete lithophane maker online!

These Christmas related shaped lithophanes are representing a new way of converting lithophanes. The converting process of 2D photos to 3D model lithophanes is a complex and precise process. With simple plane shapes like a rectangle, it can be done with a relatively simple algorithm.

Alternatively, if it’s hard converting your images to 3D models before preparing the lithophanes, you can use the image generator tool of SelfCAD and you will be able to convert any image to a 3D model at just a click of a button.

For the new shapes, ItsLitho developed a new complex algorithm to open up a lot of doors. This algorithm makes a dynamic process possible with dynamical shapes. The Christmas tree for example has multiple segments to adjust. This gives the user a lot of new possibilities to play with.

Itslitho also makes it possible to add a frame to all the shapes to make the 3D printing process fairly simple. It also provides a cool old picture frame look. These new shapes are a great example of the many possibilities this new technique has to offer. With Valentine’s day not far ahead of us, there are more shapes that will follow!