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I’m Too Fat To Enjoy My Kid’s Toys

I’m Too Fat To Enjoy My Kid’s Toys

It's a shame really. We live in a time where our children have such cool things and most of the time we're too big to enjoy them. It sounds weird I know, but maybe I want to ride a hoverboard too. Have you been faced with being too big to try out a really cool toy? And, yes, I'm a man-child.

I’m Too Fat To Enjoy My Kid’s Toys

Okay, so as my kids get older, they beginning to want some pretty cool stuff. Both of my daughters have hoverboards, which is amazing to me because when I was growing up the only hoverboard I knew was the one Marty McFly whipped around on in Back to the Future 2. Granted, these so-called hoverboards don't actually hover, which is disappointing, but they're really cool.

My oldest daughter's hoverboard has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Seems reasonable, but I'm about 206.53 pounds, not that anybody is keeping track. So, I figured what's an extra 6.53 pounds, the hoverboard should be fine, right? Well, not exactly. It started pretty well, but then the hoverboard started making a weird rapid beeping noise appearing as if it was struggling to perform its duty. I mean, I've put on some weight but I'm tall, so it's all good. I know that sounds like an excuse but it's better than saying I'm big-boned.

It just stinks that when you reach adulthood and have the means to acquire cool things, but you're too big to actually enjoy them. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? Am I the only one who goes through this?

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