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GPPL: Use Technology at GPPL

GPPL: Use Technology at GPPL

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If you’re interested in finding out more about how to 3D print at GPPL, our website goes over the details, including where to find resources and how to submit prints to us. https://www.gppl.ca/Using-the-Library2/Services/Makerspace-Tech/3D-Printing

GPPL: Use Technology at GPPL

Re-Gift to GPPL:

Did you just get a third Instant Pot from your in-laws? Did you replace your old stand mixer for a cooler model during Boxing Day sales? Consider donating to GPPL’s Library of Things! We’re currently seeking donations of kitchen items, as well as other common requests, for the start of 2022. Contact Clayton at ctiroburns@gppl.ca or 780-357-7453 for more information. Items should be in new or gently-used condition.

The Library of Things is a great resource for items you may not want to invest in before trying or for items that cost a lot of money for a single use. So next time you’re cleaning out your garage or kitchen, consider donating tools and equipment to GPPL for community use instead of bringing it to a thrift store. https://www.gppl.ca/Using-the-Library2/Collections/Library-of-Things/Library-of-Things-Donations

Charlotte Anderson/Emerging Technologies Librarian at Grande Prairie Public Library