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Glowforge Launches New Artist to Exclusive NFT Platform

Glowforge Launches New Artist to Exclusive NFT Platform

Glowforge, the Seattle-based company that designs and produces the iconic 3D laser printer, is launching a new artist on it’s platform to print limited edition printable NFTs. By working with brands, celebrities and influencers to design NFTs that can be turned into a limited-edition physical item, Glowforge is trailblazing a new way to consume NFTs. The premiere collection is created by artist, actress, comedian, and musician Kate Micucci, based on her whimsical hand drawn art.

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Kate Micucci’s “Lost Heart” two-tone stamp (Photo: Business Wire)

Micucci’s “Lost Heart” 10 panel comic collection has been turned into a printable design that involves a two-tone stamp of the piece using a Glowforge 3D laser printer. Each NFT can only be printed once, allowing collectors of Micucci’s art to create a one-of-a-kind physical art piece to complement their digital asset. Once printed, no one can ever print the design again. To commemorate this historic collection, the “Lost Heart” collection is on display at the “Pioneering Women in NFT Art” exhibit at the Seattle NFT Museum.

With Glowforge’s groundbreaking technology, Micucci’s work will bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world. Buyers of her NFT artwork will have the unique opportunity to take their purchased items beyond their traditional digital state to create a real, physical version of their NFT, while still preserving the artist’s intent for rarity of these items.

Glowforge Launches New Artist to Exclusive NFT Platform

“We founded Glowforge to empower people to bring their ideas to life as real objects in the physical world,” said Dan Shapiro, CEO at Glowforge. “We’re working with designers, artists, and creators of all sorts to do just that, now with a completely new medium. Kate’s created an incredible piece of art that exists in the virtual world, but can be transported to the physical world as well – bridging the space between the metaverse and the physical.”

Kate’s collection will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be resold and transferred like a traditional NFT. However, the owner of the NFT has the ability to physically print the object. Once printed, it can never be printed again, ensuring only one physical copy will ever exist.

As a company that is deeply rooted within its community, Glowforge is also taking measures to ensure that its work in the NFT space has a net-positive impact on the environment. For each NFT in the Glowforge platform, the company will be buying carbon offsets equivalent to 10X the estimated carbon footprint of the minting process. That means that for every 10kg of carbon emitted in the creation of an NFT, Glowforge’s program will remove 100kg from the atmosphere.

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