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A Skyrim player recreates the game's most famous glass sword in real life using an impressive amount of skill and 3D printing.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has managed to remain a popular title since its release way back in 2011. With multiple DLCs, re-releases, and a very active modding community, Skyrim has mostly kept a strong player base since it initially launched. Many players have also found new and unique ways to enjoy Skyrim, whether it's creating a new character to look like American Psycho's Patrick Bateman or filling their home with cheese.

Outside of the game, though, Skyrim players are often creating tributes to the Bethesda RPG. Fan art of course makes up many of these tributes, yet a lot of fans also seek to create some of the game's items in real life as well, such as one Skyrim player who made an awesome wood burning of Alduin's wall, depicting the Dragonborn facing off against the antagonist of the game's main quest. As well as Skyrim having a world full of rich lore, though, the game also has a collection of unique and interesting weapons for players to pick up in-game and to create real-life versions of.

GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Skyrim Fan Uses 3D Printer to Create Real-Life Chillrend

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One Skyrim player has recently impressed Reddit with their 3D printed version of Chillrend, a unique glass sword available from Skyrim's Thieves Guild questline. Comments on the Reddit post praised the design of the real-life Chillrend and how it reflected the enchanted nature of the game's sword. The creator of the sword, u/3DPrintOrlando, went into further detail on their creation in the comments, stating that in total the sword was made up of five pieces. The handle was split into two pieces, allowing a blue gem to rest inside. There are two metal pieces embedded in the sword for support, and altogether the length of the piece is 33 inches.

I Designed & 3D Printed Chillrend from skyrim

As Skyrim players attested, the 3D printed Chillrend certainly looks as cool as the in-game version. Some fans also commented that they hoped the sword was the level 45 version, referencing how Chillrend is a leveled weapon in Skyrim. This means that whenever a player takes the weapon from Thieves Guild leader Mercer Frey, the weapon will have scaled up to their level. Should a player be a lower level when they pick up the weapon, they may not be able to place stronger enchantments on it.

Chillrend is one of the more memorable weapons in Skyrim, though as an enchanted glass sword some players may find its design to be slightly tamer than some of the Daedric weapons that can be found in certain quests. For a fan looking for a 3D printed Daedric weapon, though, a Skyrim player managed to create an impressive version of Mehrunes' Razor using magnets to piece the parts of the broken weapon together.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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