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11 Valentine’s Day 3D Printable Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

11 Valentine’s Day 3D Printable Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

Fresh flowers will be gone by March, but a 3D print can last for years.

Whether you need a romantic gift for your sweetheart or a cute heart-shaped toy for your kids, we’ve got you covered with these 11 Valentine’s Day 3D Prints. We’ve selected a variety of models that are easy to print and fun to display.

Gifts should come from the heart – and a highly tuned FDM printer! Make sure your3D printer is in excellent shape with these tips for new makers. Load up some sparkly red filament, likeProtopasta’s Candy Apple Red Metallic, and you’ll be ready impress your Valentine with a homemade gift.

If you’re printing toys for small children, remember to always supervise play. PLA is easily broken and could become a choking hazard.

Unless otherwise specified, all printing times are based on Cura 4.12.1, using a standard profile with a .2mm layer height, 50mm print speed, on aCreality Ender 3 Prowhich sits at the top of our list ofbest 3D printers.Your results may vary.


We searched high and low for the perfect 3D printed rose and this was our favorite. It’s fairly life-like, easy to print and it comes complete with a stem and leaves. Most importantly, the flower prints without support, which means the petals don’t need to be cleaned up. You do need support on the leaves. We recommend printing them on edge with a raft for extra adhesion.

You’ll need to plan ahead if you want a dozen of these, so get started now.

Download:RoseEstimated Print Time: 9 Hours, 48 minutesFilament:Inland True Red PLA +, Jessie Tree Green PLA

Fidget Heart

Why do we love fidget toys so much? We don’t know, but this Heart shaped fidget will have your Valentine mesmerized. The file has three versions – a simple three layer heart, another with six or the super nine layer fidget supreme.

We printed this heart in dual layer Quantum filament for even more satisfying eye candy.

Download:Fidget HeartEstimated Print Time: 4 Hours, 3 minutesFilament: Matterhackers Rasberry Gold Quantum PLA

Star Wars Conversation Hearts

It’s a trap! I know. B Mine Will U.

Tickle the fancy of your favorite Star Wars nerd with these 3D printed Conversation Hearts. There are 24 sayings in all, with tiny quotes covering all the movies plus the Mandalorian streaming show.

We printed our hearts with a filament swap to get two colors, but they’re just as cute in a single color. No time for swapping? It’s quick work to add a touch of white paint to the letters after printing. These are super fast prints, so go ahead and make them all.

11 Valentine’s Day 3D Printable Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

Download:Star Wars Themed Valentine Conversation HeartsEstimated Print Time: 10 minutes eachFilament: Printerior Red PLA, Printerior Purple PLA,Polymaker Polylite YellowPLA, Printerior White PLA.

Rose Bulbasaur

A cute Valentine version of a lovable Pokemon, this Bulbasaur has a delightful rose growing out of his back. The print will need supports under the chin and back petals.

Download:Rose BulbasaurEstimated Print Time: 12 Hours and 59 MinutesFilament: Matterhackers Rasberry Gold Quantum PLA

Love Bug

This joyful flexi caterpillar decorated with hearts is super simple to print with plenty of flat surface area to grip your build plate. No supports needed. Makes a cute gift for kids or kids at heart.

Download:Love Bug (Caterpillar)Estimated Print Time: 9 Hours and 43 MinutesFilament:Polymaker Polylite YellowPLA

Lovely Fidget

This fidget toy relieves stress while reminding your Valentine how loved they really are! There are 4 patterns to mix and match. The toy rotates from oval to heart and back again on a 3d printed post.

It can be made super snappy with the addition of magnets glued next to the pivot point. Holes for 6mm and 3mm magnets are built into the design, but we scaled our print up to 135% to fit some 8mm magnets we had on hand.

The Lovely Fidget is based on one of 3D Printy’s puzzle boxes. If you’re up for a challenge,you can find the box version here.

Download:Lovely FidgetEstimated Print Time: 3 Hours and 14 MinutesFilament: Printerior Red PLA, Printerior Purple PLA

Heart Shaped Box

Fill this elegant filigree box with candy or another sparkly gift. The box needs no supports and prints best with the lid face down on a smooth glass or PEI build surface.

The first version of thisbox has a solid lidif you want to keep the contents a secret.

Download:Heart Shaped Box V2Estimated Print Time: 6 Hours and 24 MinutesFilament:SUNLU Silk Silver PLA

Heart Puzzle

Does your Valentine love brain teasers? This puzzle has 16 shapes that fit into the heart base 363 ways. Best of all, a solution to the puzzle is etched into the back of the print, in case you need a hint.

These tiny puzzle pieces require a super clean and level bed. We had to reprint the heart base at 105% to get everything to fit well.

Download:Heart Puzzle - Brain TeaserEstimated Print Time: 6 Hours, 26 minutesFilament:Protopasta Candy Apple Red,Inland Black PLA+

Pouring Hearts

This optical illusion is amazingly easy to print and is completely support free. It’s designed in two pieces – a tower of flowing hearts and a bucket. The bucket doesn’t need glue, just balance it on top of the pile.

We scaled our print down to 65% for faster printing.

Download:Pouring HeartsEstimated Print Time: 8 Hours, 20 minutesFilament:Protopasta Candy Apple Red,SUNLU Silk Silver PLA

Maz’s Flower

3D printing a realistic rose is harder than you think, but Maz’s Flower is pretty close. We’ve printed a lot of flowers looking for the best one, and though this is not a realistic rose shape we like it a lot. It prints in a few hours without any support, another big win in our book.

The flower comes in three parts: a flower and both upper and lower leaves. There is no stem to print, but you can use bamboo skewers painted green. We printed our flower at 85% to save more time.

Download:Maz's FlowerEstimated Print Time: 4 Hours, 30 minutesFilament:Protopasta Candy Apple Red, Jessie Premium PLA Green Ice

Hearts Vase

It’s a vase! It’s a cup! It’s a tealight! This heart shaped vase is a fun print with many options and sizes to choose from. You can print it solid, in vase mode, or in two parts for extra color.

This is a paid file at Cults, but the designer has included over a dozen variations to pick from. We printed the “full hearts 4 rings” at 65%, then printed an insert in vase mode.

Download:Hearts Vase Cup TrayEstimated Print Time: 4 Hours, 40 minutesFilament: Matterhackers Rasberry Gold Quantum PLA, Protopasta Blood of My Enemies.